Posters & Awards

Poster categories

Category 1       General Nephrology, including infections
Category 2       CAKUT: urological disorders: Clinical
Category 3       CAKUT: Developmental biology, genetics
Category 4       Urinary tract infections
Category 5       Regenerative medicine
Category 6       Perinatal programming
Category 7       "-Omics" Research
Category 8       Inherited disorders of tubular transport
Category 9       Other inherited disorders; cystic kidney diseases
Category 10     Glomerulonephritis, lupus, vasculitis
Category 11     Nephrotic syndrome: Genetics, mechanisms, biomarkers
Category 12     Nephrotic syndrome: Therapy, outcomes
Category 13     Thrombotic microangiopathy, HUS, TTP
Category 14     Complement mediated kidney disorders
Category 15     Evidence based medicine/Registries/Randomized clinical trials
Category 16     Biologicals in pediatric nephrology
Category 17     Metabolic diseases
Category 18     AKI: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, outcomes
Category 19     AKI: Renal replacement therapy, extracorporeal therapies
Category 20     CKD: Epidemiology, progression; experimental
Category 21     CKD: Mineral and bone disorder
Category 22     CKD: Inflammation, nutrition, growth, anemia
Category 23     CKD: Mental health, neurocognitive function and QoL
Category 24     CKD: Cardiovascular morbidity, infections
Category 25     Chronic dialysis
Category 26     Transplantation
Category 27     Treatment adherence, adolescent transition, ethics
Category 28     Hypertension, obesity & metabolic syndrome
Category 29     Stones, nephrocalcinosis
Category 30     Practice of pediatric nephrology in developing countries
Category 31     Others



You can download the poster list (last update on 26 August, 2016)

For your information, the most updated list is available on the IPNA App.

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Poster walks

The Scientific Committee of IPNA2016 would like to increase the attention to the most interesting scientific work presented in poster format. We have planned the Poster walks during the official poster sessions. Posters are displayed in the exhibition and Poster Area from Thursday, 22 September to Saturday, 24 September.

For your information, update of September 23th - Information is subject to change.

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Call for abstracts

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Submission Opening: November 5, 2015
Submission Deadline: April 10, 2016
Results: May 25, 2016
Presenting author registration deadline: June 8, 2016

Guidelines for posters

  • Posters will be viewable throughout the congress from September, 22 to 24, 2016 during exhibition hours. You will be able to display your poster on Thursday September 22 morning from 8:00.
  • Please note that the attendance of the presenting author beside his/her poster is MANDATORY during the poster viewing times, to answer questions of participants and moderators according the category.
    Poster viewing time on Thursday September 22 is from 9:30 to 10:30 and concerns General Nephrology, CAKUT, UTI, Perinatal Programming, Regenerative Medicine, OMICS, Hypertension, Inherited / Metabolic Disorders, Stones, Glomerulonephritis, Nephrotic syndrome (--> that is to say categories 1 to 12, category 17 and categories 27 to 29).
    Poster viewing time on Friday September 23 is from 9:30 to 10:30 and concerns Complement mediated disease, HUS, AKI, CKD, Dialysis, Transplantation, Biologicals, Registries Nephrology around the world (--> that is to say categories 13 to 16, categories 18 to 26,categories 30 and 31).

    Free poster walks (without moderators) will be held during lunch time (12:30-13:30) on the 3 days of the congress. The attendance of the presenting author beside his/her poster is OPTIONAL but recommended.

  • Poster board's size is : 2,20 meters (height) x 1,00 meter (width).

    Consequently we advise you to make your poster according to the following layout : 1 meter to 1,20 meters (height) x 0,80 meter (width) - PORTRAIT format

  • Your poster must be made in paper material (do not use any laminated layer).
  • Material to fix your poster on the board will be distributed on site.
  • Your poster board will have the number indicated in your personal letter of results
  • We remind you that the acceptance of an abstract does not mean free-of-charge participation. Registration, travel and accommodation remain at your own charge.
  • Please note that poster will not be sent back, you will have to bring it back with you at the end of the conference on Saturday September 24 from 16:00; otherwise it will be destroyed.


For any question regarding abstracts submission, please do not hesitate to contact: